I Love Zyx Italo Disco Collection 10 – 3CDs Italo Disco


I Love Zyx Italo Disco Collection 10 – 3CDs Italo Disco



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Zyx Italo Disco Collection 10  

Mία μοναδική συλλογή για τους fans της ItaloDisco μουσικής με 3CDs και 36 σπάνια κομμάτια, σε remixes που θα βρείτε αποκλειστικά και μόνο σε αυτή την τριπλή συλλογή!

* Η τελική επεξεργασία και ανάλυση του ήχου έχει γίνει σε 32 BIT remastered! 


Disc 1:
01.My Mine – Hypnotic Tango (Extended Player ’89)6:24
02.Robert Camero – Lady Surprise (12″ Version)5:44
03.Broken Dreams – Broken Dreams (12″ Version)6:40
04.Taco – Got To Be Your Lover (Specail D.J. Remix)5:32
05.Alan Barry – Tell Me The Reason (12″ Version)6:06
06.Ken Laszlo – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (Extended Vocal Remix)6:02
07.Mr. Zivago – Little Russian (Vocal 12″ Version)7:37
08.Caron – Out Of The Night (the First Step) (12″ Version)7:10
09.Milou – Change You Mind (Dancefloor Version)5:34
10.Mike Mareen – Dancing In The Dark (Galactica Remix)7:07
11.Mayte Matee – I Do I Do (B-Side 12″ Version)6:21
12.Joy – Lost In Hongkomg (12″ Version)4:49

Disc 2:
01.Raggio Di Luna (moon Ray) – Comanchero (Special Disco Remix)8:37
02.Neil Smith – Help Me Through The Summer (Vocal 12″ Version)5:09
03.Radiorama – Yeti (Special R.E.M.I.X.)7:27
04.New Romantique – Shy Like An Angel (12″ Version)5:35
05.Op. 8 – Butterfly (Vocal 12″ Version)7:30
06.Silver Pozzoli – Pretty Baby (Swedish Remix)6:46
07.Glamour Station – Ev’ry Body Does It (12″ Version)5:33
08.Nove – Ride My Bike (Vocal 12″ Version)6:17
09.Cliff Turner – Sunset Renezvous (Maxi Version)5:03
10.Mr. Freaky – Out Of My Mind (12″ Version)7:17
11.Jeannie – Freedom (die Antwort) (12″ Version)5:07
12.Savage – Love Is Death (Extended Version)6:15

Disc 3:
01.Doctor’s Cat – Feel The Drive (Vocal 12″ Version)6:19
02.New Romance – You’re My First Love (hand Over Heels) (12″ Version)5:03
03.Fantastique – Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Special Extended Version)4:39
04.Chikeria – Le Freak (Chikeria Mix)5:40
05.Miko Mission – I Believe (Vocal 12″ Version)6:15
06.Lucia – Marinero (Swedish Re-Edit)8:58
07.K. Barre – Right By The Moon (Vocal 12″ Version)6:47
08.Rick Rock – Take Me Away (Vocal 12″ Version)5:38
09.Primadonna – Flashing On The Floor (Vocal 12″ Version)5:37
10.Hugh Bullen – Alisand (Vocal 12″ Version)5:34
11.Ray Cooper – Breakdown (Vocal 12″ Version)6:13
12.David Gray – Let’s Dance Tonight (Vocal 12″ Version)4:40

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