Wine & Vocals – A Tasty Sound Collection – CD


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Wine & Vocals – A Tasty Sound Collection – CD


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Wine & Vocals – A Tasty Sound Collection – CD
A Tasty Sound Collection: Wine & Vocals
Wine has an air of deliberateness. You don’t just pour it. You enjoy its color. You take your time to enjoy it. You take it in – fully.
This compilation contains songs that mirror the qualities of wine. Perfect for a beautiful summer evening on the patio, watching the sun go down, listening to music that sounds as good as wine tastes.
Selected by friends of wine and good music, this compilation contains songs for accompanying these moods, including America, Michael Schenker & Gary Barden, Rebecca Pidgeon, Sara K. or Lucy Kaplansky,just to name a few.
In the booklet you’ll find interesting facts and background knowledge on the history and tradition of wine, and tutorial for the perfect wine tasting.

1. Friend’n Fellow: One more day
2. Michael Schenker & Gary Barden: Dance lady gipsy
3. Lucy Kaplansky: Manhattan moon
4. Rebecca Pidgeon: Grandmother
5. Serah & Friedemann: New moon
6. America: I need you
7. Michael Schenker & Gary Barden: Lost
8. Blues Company: Members only
9. Sara K.: Vincent
10. Vivino Brothers: Fools gold
11. Rebecca Pidgeon: Auld lang syne/ Brink it on home to me
12. Chris Farlowe: Tough on me, tough on you

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