Watchmen OST – Vinyl LP 180gr HQ


Watchmen OST – Vinyl LP 180gr HQ


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Watchmen OST – Vinyl LP 180gr HQ
Tyler Bates – Watchmen – Original Motion Picture Score – Vinyl LP 180gr HQ in Gatefold sleeve
Limited Edition – Original Soundtrack

Side A:
A1. Rescue Mission  2:14
A2. Don’t Get Too Misty Eyed     1:36
A3. Tonight The Comedian Died  2:44
A4. Silk Spectre  1:01
A5. We’ll Live Longer  0:57
A6. You Quit!  0:39
A7. Only Two Names Remain  1:43
A8. The American Dream  1:57
A9. Edward Blake – The Comedian  2:42
A10. The Last Laugh  0:57

Side B:
B1. Prison Fight  1:45
B2. Just Look Around You  5:52
B3. Dan’s Apocalyptic Dream  1:18
B4. Who Murdered Hollis Mason  0:56
B5. What About Janie Slater  1:35
B6. I’ll Tell You About Rorschach  4:10
B7. Countdown  2:47
B8. It Was Me  1:26
B9. All That Is Good  4:59
B10. Requiem  0:55
B11. I Love You  2:41

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