Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake – Andre Previn – Vinyl 3LP 180gr

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Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake – Andre Previn – Vinyl 3LP 180gr

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Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake – Andre Previn – Vinyl 3LP 180gr
André Previn – The London Symphony Orchestra, Ida Haendel, Tchaikovsky ‎
Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake: Complete Ballet – Vinyl 3LP 180gr in Deluxe Gatefold cover
Remastered from the original tapes at Abbey Road in 2011.
Recorded At  Kingsway Hall
Remastered At Abbey Road Studios
Lacquer Cut At Optimal Media GmbH
Pressed By Optimal Media GmbH

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, with its story of magical transformations, love and deceit and its irresistibly melodic score, defines Romantic ballet.
It is no coincidence that conductor André Previn has described himself as “a complete romantic” and that this recording has become a classic of the catalogue.
When it was made in 1976, Previn had spent the best part of a decade as Principal Conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra.
With their combination of show business flair and deep sensitivity, he and the LSO’s players proved to be the ideal team for Tchaikovsky’s glorious ballet music.

LP 1:
Act One
Introduction (Moderato assai)
A1. Scène (Allegro giusto)
A2. Valse (Tempo di valse)
A3. No.3 Scène (Allegro moderato)
Pas de trois
A4.1  Intrada (Allegro)
A4.2  Andante sostenuto
A4.3  Allegro semplice – Presto
A4.4  Moderato
A4.5  Allegro
A4.6  Coda (Allegro vivace)

Pas de deux
B1.1  Tempo di valse
B1.2 Andante – Allegro – Molto più mosso
Violin – Ida Haendel
B1.3 Tempo di valse
B1.4 Coda (Allegro molto vivace)
B2. Pas d’action (Andantino quasi moderato – Allegro)
B3. Sujet
B4. Danse des coupes (Tempo di polacca)
B5. Finale (Andante)

LP 2:
Act Two
C1. Scène (Moderato)
C2. Scène (Allegro moderato – Allegro vivo)
C3. Scène (Allegro)
Danse des cygnes
C4.1  Tempo di valse
C4.2  Moderato assai – Molto più mosso
C4.3  Tempo di valse
C4.4  Danse de petits cygnes (Allegro moderato)
C4.5  Andante – Andante non troppo – Allegro
Cello – Douglas Cummings
Violin – Ida Haendel
C4.6  Tempo di valse
C4.7  Coda (Allegro vivace)

D1. Scène (Moderato)
Act Three
D2. Scène (Allegro giusto)
D3. Danse du Corps de Ballet et des Nains (Moderator assai – Allegro vivo)
D4. Scène: Entrée des invités et Valse (Allegro – Tempo di valse)
D5. Scène (Allegro – Allegro giusto)
Pas de six
D6.1 Intrada
D6.2 Variation I (Allegro)
D6.3  Variation II (Andante con mosso)

LP 3:
E1.1 Variation III (Moderato)
E1.2  Variation IV (Allegro)
E1.3  Variation V (Moderato – Allegro semplice)
E1.4  Coda (Allegro molto)
Appendice I: Pas de deux
E2.1  Introduction (Moderato – Andante)
Violin – Ida Haendel
E2.2  Variation I (Allegro moderato)
E2.3  Variation II (Allegro)
E2.4  Coda (Allegro molto vivace)
E3. Danse hongroise: Czárdás (Moderato assai – Allegro moderato – Vivace)
E4. Appendice II: Danse russe (Cadenza – Andante semplice – Allegro vivo)
Violin – Ida Haendel
E5. Danse espagnole (Allegro non trop: tempo di Bolero)
E6. Danse napolitaine (Allegro moderator)

F1. Mazurka
F2. Scène (Allegro – Valse – Allegro vivo)
Act Four
F3. Entr’acte (Moderato)
F4. Scène (Allegro non troppo)
F5. Danse des petits cygnes (Moderato)
F6. Scène (Allegro agitato – Allegro vivace)
F7. Finale (Andante – Allegro agitato – Alla breve – Moderato e maestoso)

Release Date: 10/03/2017

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