Stone Roses – The Stone Roses – Vinyl Deluxe Box Set


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Stone Roses – The Stone Roses – Vinyl Deluxe Box Set



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Stone Roses – The Stone Roses – Vinyl Deluxe Box Set
Stone Roses – The Stone Roses 1989 – 2009 Vinyl 3 x LP 12″, 3 x CDs, 1 x DVD, 1 x Memory Stick, 1 x Book 48 pages!
Numbered Limited box contains also: 48pages bound book containing unseen photos and brand new interviews with the band, those involved in making the album and those influenced by it since.
Lemon USB contains also: Up At Sawmills: The Making Of Fools Gold
Wallpapers, 4x brand new ringtones, 48 page digital booklet.

The Stone Roses LPs:
A1           I Wanna Be Adored
A2           She Bangs The Drums
A3           Waterfall
A4           Don’t Stop
A5           Bye Bye Bad Man

B1           Elizabeth My Dear
B2           (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister
B3           Made Of Stone
B4           Shoot You Down
B5           This Is The One
B6           I Am The Resurrection

LP Extras 1
C1           Fools Gold
C2           What The World Is Waiting For

D1           One Love
D2           Something’s Burning
D3           Where Angels Play

LP Extras 2
E1           Elephant Stone
E2           Full Fathom Five
E3           The Hardest Thing In The World
E4           Going Down

F1           Guernica
F2           Mersey Paradise
F3           Standing Here
F4           Simone

The Stone Roses CDs:
CD1-1    I Wanna Be Adored
CD1-2    She Bangs The Drums
CD1-3    Waterfall
CD1-4    Don’t Stop
CD1-5    Bye Bye Bad Man
CD1-6    Elizabeth My Dear
CD1-7    (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister
CD1-8    Made Of Stone
CD1-9    Shoot You Down
CD1-10  This Is The One
CD1-11  I Am The Resurrection

The Extras
CD2-1    Elephant Stone (12″ Version)
CD2-2    Full Fathom Five
CD2-3    The Hardest Thing In The World
CD2-4    Going Down
CD2-5    Guernica
CD2-6    Mersey Paradise
CD2-7    Standing Here
CD2-8    Simone
CD2-9    Fools Gold (Full Length)
CD2-10  What The World Is Waiting For
CD2-11  One Love (Full Length)
CD2-12  Something’s Burning (Full Length)
CD2-13  Where Angels Play

The Lost Demos
CD3-1    I Wanna Be Adored
CD3-2    She Bangs The Drums
CD3-3    Waterfall
CD3-4    Bye Bye Bad Man
CD3-5    Sugar Spun Sister
CD3-6    Shoot You Down
CD3-7    This Is The One
CD3-8    I Am The Resurrection
CD3-9    Elephant Stone
CD3-10  Going Down
CD3-11  Mersey Paradise
CD3-12  Where Angels Play
CD3-13  Something’s Burning
CD3-14  One Love
CD3-15  Pearl Bastard
CD3-20  Something’s Burning – Jam & Chat

DVD: Blackpool Empress Ballroom Live
DVD1     Intro
DVD2     I Wanna Be Adored
DVD3     Elephant Stone
DVD4     Waterfall
DVD5     Sugar Spun Sister
DVD6     Made Of Stone
DVD7     She Bangs The Drums
DVD8     Where Angels Play
DVD9     Shoot You Down
DVD10  Going Down
DVD11  Mersey Paradise
DVD12  I Am The Resurrection

DVD13  Waterfall
DVD14  Fools Gold
DVD15  I Wanna Be Adored
DVD16  One Love
DVD17  She Bangs The Drums
DVD18  Standing Here

Lemon USB – The Stone Roses
USB1     I Wanna Be Adored
USB2     She Bangs The Drums
USB3     Waterfall
USB4     Don’t Stop
USB5     Bye Bye Bad Man
USB6     Elizabeth My Dear
USB7     (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister
USB8     Made Of Stone
USB9     Shoot You Down
USB10   This Is The One
USB11   I Am The Resurrection
Lemon USB – Extras
USB12   Elephant Stone (12″ Version)
USB13   Full Fathom Five
USB14   The Hardest Thing In The World
USB15   Going Down
USB16   Guernica
USB17   Mersey Paradise
USB18   Standing Here
USB19   Simone
USB20   Fools Gold (Full Length)
USB21   What The World Is Waiting For
USB22   One Love (Full Length)
USB23   Something’s Burning (Full Length)
USB24   Where Angels Play
Lemon USB – The Lost Demos
USB25   I Wanna Be Adored
USB26   She Bangs The Drums
USB27   Waterfall
USB28   Bye Bye Bad Man
USB29   Sugar Spun Sister
USB30   Shoot You Down
USB31   This Is The One
USB32   I Am The Resurrection
USB33   Elephant Stone
USB34   Going Down
USB35   Mersey Paradise
USB36   Where Angels Play
USB37   Something’s Burning
USB38   One Love
USB39   Pearl Bastard
Lemon USB – Previously Unheard Backwards Tracks
USB40   Untitled 1
USB41   Untitled 2
USB42   Untitled 3
USB43   Untitled 4
USB44   Untitled 5
Lemon USB – Videos
USB45   Waterfall
USB46   Fools Gold
USB47   I Wanna Be Adored
USB48   One Love
USB49   She Bangs The Drums
USB50   Standing Here

* Released: 2009

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