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Stanton D 81 – Stanton 881S – Βελόνα Πικάπ


Stanton D 81 – Stanton 881S – Βελόνα Πικάπ


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Κωδικός προϊόντος: SD81881 Κατηγορία:

Stanton D 81 – Stanton 881S – Βελόνα Πικάπ
Stanton D 81 – Stanton 881S Diamond Stylus.
Ποιοτική High Quality Aftermarket ανταλλακτική βελόνα πικάπ Stanton D 81, Stanton 881S.
Stanton D81S stylus  for Stanton 881S Cartridge.
When using the supplied brush you should add 1 grams to your desired tracking weight.
I’ve been told that with the brush running it at 2grams sounds optimal.
Diamond Elliptical tip .0003 x .0007
Tracking force: 0.75 gr to 1.5 gr
It comes with a built in removable brush.
Stylus Color: White
Made in Japan

Replaces: Stanton 881S, Stanton D81, Stanton 881E

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