Richie Blackmore & Rainbow – Collector’s Box Set- DVD-CD & 2 Books


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Richie Blackmore & Rainbow – Collector’s Box Set- DVD-CD & 2 Books


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Richie Blackmore & Rainbow – Collector’s Box Set – DVD – CD & 2 Books Special Limited Edition

Μία πολυτελείς συλλεκτική σπάνια κασετίνα, με ένα DVD, ένα CD και δύο βιβλία 72 σελίδων με σκληρά εξώφυλλα!

1.Richie Blackmore Guitar gods – DVD & Book – SET

Guitar Gods looks at the pioneering technique of  Ritchie Blackmore that combined virtuosity with flamboyant showmanship.

Showcasing Blackmore’s axe-work with highlights from over 40 years at the top, this film also presents the sometimes brutally candid words of a host of ex-band mates.

Amongst others, Nicky Simper and Glenn Hughes give their honest appraisal of an ego as undeniable as the talent.

2.Rainbow Audiobiography – CD & Book – SET

This is the true story of hard rock legends Rainbow, as told by those who toured and recorded with the band.

The CD draws on material of Rainbow in concert from film, TV and radio archives, along with in-depth interviews with former band members from almost the entire 30 years of Rainbow.

Lead vocalists Graham Bonnet, Joe Lynn Turner and Dougie White, plus bass player Bob Daisley and drummer Bobby Rondinelli all offer intimate insights into the music of one of the most worshipped and maligned front-men in rock history, Ritchie Blackmore!  

The 72 page book features interviews with Ian Gillan, Bob Daisley and Blackmore.

Language: English
Run Time: 134 min

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