Pink Floyd – Pink Floyd Edition- 2 DVD SET


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Pink Floyd – Pink Floyd Edition- 2 DVD SET


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Pink Floyd – Pink Floyd Edition – 2 DVD SET

This is the ultimate independent Pink Floyd interactive DVD.

On Disc 1 you can watch the exclusive Pink Floyd documentary …then you’ll be ready to take the ultimate challenge.
Use your DVD remote control to choose the correct answer to a range of over a 1000 multiple-choice questions on Pink Floyd ranging from newcomer level to super-fan level.

The interactive quiz requires no special equipment and plays on all DVD players.
Your remote control is all you need.
The Pink Floyd Music Challenge on Disc 2 also works on Play Station 2 and on any PC with a DVD drive.

Music Challenge Levels include:

* Spot that Pink Floyd lyric

* Name that Pink Floyd album

* Test your knowledge  

DVD 1: Pink Floyd – Ultimate Review
DVD 2: Pink Floyd – Music Master Challenge Quiz

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 + Digital DTS Surround
Language: English

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