Jazz Side Of The Moon – LP 180gr Audiophile Vinyl LTD


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Jazz Side Of The Moon – LP 180gr Audiophile Vinyl LTD


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Jazz Side Of The Moon (The Music Of  Pink Floyd) – LP 180gr Audiophile Vinyl Limited

Sam Yahel, Ari Hoenig, Mike Moreno, Seamus Blake  

* Returning
a new to the original record it’s fascinating to re-discover how provocative Pink Floyd’s classic remains, and to hear how well this quartet’s collective interplay served that music.
And how beautifully Sam Yahel’s organ-while not the dominant voice, surely a prominent presence-sets the aesthetic tone for these proceedings: nothing rushed or forced or extravagant…elegant and swinging andexploratory, never stepping on anyone’s toes-deceptively laid back and responsive, always listening intently, with plenty of rhythmic vitality…a sensibility he shares with collaborators Mike Moreno, Ari Hoenig and Seamus Blake, which goes a long ways towards explaining why their take on Pink Floyd’s music is so engaging and stands up so well to repeated listenings.

Sam Yahel is clearly one of the most promising new organists on the New York City and international scene.”

– Michael G. Nascos, Jazziz “Ari Hoenig is a magician!”

– Batteur Magazine “(Mike Moreno) is a versatile and increasingly prominent guitarist.”

– The New York Times “Seamus Blake is gaining increasing recognition as one of the finest and most creative young players emerging in jazz.” – All About Jazz

Sam Yahel, Hammond B-3 organ.
Mike Moreno, electric & acoustic guitars.
Ari Hoenig, drums.
Seamus Blake, tenor saxophone.



A1.Breathe  6:29
A2.On The Run (Part 1)  3:43
A3.Time 11:00
A4.Any Colour You Like  2:18

B1.The Great Gig In The Sky  8:42
B2.Money  6:49
B4.Brain Damage  6:20

* Recorded September 11th & 12th, 2007 at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, New York City!

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