Organic Soul 3 – Vinyl 2LP

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Organic Soul 3 – Vinyl 2LP

Original price was: 34,99€.Η τρέχουσα τιμή είναι: 29,99€.


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Organic Soul 3 – Vinyl 2LP
Various Artists – Organic Soul 3 – Vinyl 2LP
More Contemporary Soul Gems From The Roots Of The Music

The best of the best of current underground American soul, a rich hotbed of creativity that’s at its highest level in years!
Call it NuSoul, Neo Soul, or whatever you like the American underground scene has returned soul music back to the place it was when we first started loving it years ago springing from the roots with a fresh creativity that cuts through all the BS that’s been layered on R&B over the years.
Most of the tracks on the set were self-produced and self-released by the artists involved and although a number of the tunes on here are available on the full length sets by those artists, the package is a great chance to sample a wide range of this music in one place with a focus on the best tunes of the scene!

LP 1
Side A
A1. Latanya Lockett – Just One Of Those Days  3:41
A2. Latanya Lockett – Neva Give Up On Love  4:02
A3. Latanya Lockett – What The Hell Fo  3:55
A4. Kim Hill – Sunny Blue  5:34
Side B
B1. Sy Smith – Bad On You  5:04
B2. Sy Smith – Waiting… Contemplating  5:14
B3. Sy Smith – That Ring  4:15

LP 2
Side C
C1. Big Brooklyn Red Time  4:13
C2. Big Brooklyn Red Paradise  3:59
C3. Big Brooklyn Red The War Inside  3:32
C4. Yemande – Rufus  4:27
Side D
D1. Jazzhole – Who Do You Love?  4:39
D2. Jazzhole – Love Philosophy  5:20
D3. Lizz Fields – When I See Love  5:33
D4. Lizz Fields – I Gotta Go  4:52

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