Kiss – Alive – Vinyl 2LP 180gr


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Kiss – Alive – Vinyl 2LP 180gr


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Kiss – Alive – Vinyl 2LP 180gr in Gatefold sleeve & Mp3
Back To Black 60th Vinyl Anniversary’ series
– a remastered reissue pressing on 180gram vinyl.
Includes an MP3 download code.
Includes an 8 page printed color insert.

LP 1:
Side A:
A1. Deuce  3:32
A2. Strutter  3:12
A3. Got To Choose  3:35
A4. Hotter Than Hell  3:11
A5. Firehouse  3:42

Side B:
B1. Nothin’ To Lose  3:23
B2. C’mon And Love Me  2:52
B3. Parasite  3:21
B4. She  6:42

LP 2:
Side C:
C1. Watchin’ You  3:37
C2. 100.000 Years  11:52
C3. Black Diamond  5:21

Side D:
D1. Rock Bottom  3:08
D2. Cold Gin  5:21
D3. Rock And Roll All Nite  3:37
D4. Let Me Go, Rock And Roll  5:09

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