Jazz And 80s – Vinyl LP


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Jazz And 80s – Vinyl LP



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Jazz And  80s – Vinyl LP

10 Μοναδικές διασκευές με γνωστά αγαπημένα τραγούδια των 80s, σε Smooth Jazz, Bossanova, Chill out και Lounge μουσικής, που φτιάχνουν τη διάθεση και ταξιδεύουν το μυαλό….
Σε πολλές περιπτώσεις οι διασκευές  είναι καλύτερες από τα αυθεντικά τραγούδια….
Αφεθείτε στην μαγεία της μουσικής….

– After the success achieved with the album Bossa n ‘Stones, Music Brokers / PMB a new series that brings together Jazz and’ 80s music.
Jazz and ’80s recreates the most successful compositions from the eighties in jazz arrangements, in styles similar to those of successful artists such as Diana Krall or Norah Jones.
The compilation consists of twelve masterpieces ranging from swing to bossa nova, among them “Should I Stay or Should I Go” from The Clash and “Do you really want to hurt me” from Culture Club to name just a few.
This is PMB’s first foray in the jazz gender because we firmly believe that to understand the future we must nurture from the past!

Should I Stay Or Should I Go – The Cooltrane Quartet
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me – Karen Souza
Boys Don´t Cry – Jamie Lancaster
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) – 48th St. Collective
Don´t You (Forget About Me) – Stella Starlight Trio

In The Air Tonight – James Farrelli
Hungry Like The Wolf – Dinah Eastwood
Like A Virgin – The Cooltrane Quartet
With Or Without You – Michelle Simonal
Nothing Compares 2 U – George White Group

* Released: 2016

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