Evans, Bill – Undercurrent & Empathy Vinyl 2LP 180gr


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Evans, Bill – Undercurrent & Empathy Vinyl 2LP 180gr



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Evans, Bill – Undercurrent & Empathy – Vinyl 2LP 180gr in Gatefold sleeve

Two classic jazz albums on 2LPs… Undercurrent (1962) and Empathy (1962).

Originally released in 1962, the ‘Empathy’ album, appeared on the Verve label, destined to become the pianist’s recording home for a number of years. The half-dozen selections include two very obscure Irving Berlin compositions, ‘The Washington Twist’ and ‘Let’s Go Back To The Waltz’.
Less than a handful of months prior to ‘Empathy’, Evans had taken to the studio with only guitarist Jim Hall for company, the combination produced ‘Undercurrent’, one of the most delightful records the pianist ever made.
Both musicians are in inspired form throughout, never getting in each other’s way but reacting brilliantly to every nuance the other has to offer.
There are no dull moments, the listener being constantly drawn into the intimate world the duo have created.
Enjoy these two classic albums on 180gr vinyl!


LP 1 – Side 1 Undercurrent
1. My Funny Valentine
2. I Hear A Rhapsody
3. Dream Gypsy

LP 1 – Side 2 Undercurrent
1. Romain
2. Skating In Central Park
3. Darn That Dream

LP 2 – Side 1 Empathy
1. The Washington Twist
2. Danny Boy
3. Let’s Go Back To The Waltz

LP 2 – Side 2 Empathy
1. With A Song In My Heart
2. Goodbye
3. I Believe In You

* Released: 2013

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