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Elvis Presley – Platinum Collection – White Vinyl 3LP



Elvis Presley – Platinum Collection – White Vinyl 3LP


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Elvis Presley – Platinum Collection – White Vinyl 3LP
Elvis Presley – Platinum Collection – White Vinyl 3LP in Deluxe Gatefold sleeve

LP 1:
Side A:
A1. Can’t Help Falling In Love  3:02
A2. Heartbreak Hotel  2:11
A3. Hound Dog  2:17
A4. Marie´s The Name  2:09
A5. Surrender  1:54
A6. It´s Now Or Never  3:17
A7. Stuck On You  2:21
A8. I Forgot To Remember To Forget  2:31
A9. Blue Hawaii  2:36

Side B:
B1. The Girl Of My Best Friend  2:24
B2. Love Me Tender  2:43
B3. All Shook Up  1:58
B4. Are You Lonesome Tonight?  3:08
B5. A Big Hunk O´love  2:05
B6. I Feel So Bad  2:56
B7. Little Sister  2:32
B8. Rock-A-Hula Baby  2:00
B9. King Creole  2:09

LP 2:
Side C:
C1. Blue Suede Shoes  2:01
C2. A Mess Of Blues  2:42
C3. I Gotta Know  2:17
C4. My Baby Left Me  2:14
C5. Wild In The Country  1:54
C6. Wooden Heart  2:03
C7. Flaming Star  2:29
C8. Lonely Man  2:48
C9. Love Me  2:45

Side D:
D1. Suspicion  2:36
D2. There’s Always Me  2:19
D3. That’s All Right  1:58
D4. Give Me The Right  2:34
D5. Sentimental Me  2:33
D6. Starting Today  2:06
D7. Gently  2:18
D8. In Your Arms  1:52
D9. Put The Blame On Me  1:59

LP 3:
Side E:
E1. Jailhouse Rock  2:28
E2. I Slipped,I Stumbled,I Fell  1:36
E3. Good Rockin’ Tonight  2:15
E4. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck  2:15
E5. I Was The One  2:36
E6. Judy  2:13
E7. I Want You With Me  2:15
E8. Fame And Fortune  2:32
E9. My Wish Came True  2:36

Side F:
F1. Return To Sender  2:10
F2. Mystery Train  2:26
F3. Don’t Be Cruel  2:03
F4. I’m Coming Home  2:23
F5. It’s A Sin  2:42
F6. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care 1:53
F7. Hawaiian Wedding Song  2:56
F8. Blue Moon Of Kentucky  2:05
F9. Fever  3:34

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