Bruni, Carla – French Touch – Vinyl LP 180gr


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Bruni, Carla – French Touch – Vinyl LP 180gr



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Bruni, Carla – French Touch – Vinyl LP 180gr
Carla Bruni – French Touch – Vinyl LP – HQ 180gr
Carla Bruni sings her favourite classics!

Side A
A1. Enjoy The Silence (Written: Martin Lee Gore)
A2. Jimmy Jazz ( Written: John Mellor, Jones Michael Geoffrey, Paul Simonon, Headon Nicholas Bowen)
A3. Love Letters (Written: Heyman Edward, Young Victor Popular)
A4. Miss You (Written: Mick Jagger – Keith Richards)
A5. The Winner Takes It All (Written: Bror Andersson Benny Goran K, Ulvaeus Bjoern K)
A6. Crazy (Recorded: Willie Nelson Vocal – Steve Chadie, Vocals: Willie Nelson, Written: Willie Nelson)
Side B
B1. Highway To Hell (Written: Young Angus Mckinnon, Scott Ronald Belford, Young Malcolm Mitchell)
B2. A Perfect Day (Written: Lou Reed)
B3. Stand By Your Man (Written: Sherrill Billy N, Richey Tammy Wynette)
B4. Please Don’t Kiss Me (Written: Allan Roberts, Doris Fisher)
B5. Moon River (Written: Henry Mancini, John Herndon Mercer)

Released: 06.10.2017

Carla Bruni sings her favourite classics:
1. Enjoy the Silence (1990) Depeche Mode
2. Jimmy Jazz (1979) The Clash
3. Love Letters (1945) Dick Haymes
4. Miss You (1978) The Rolling Stones
5. The Winner Takes it All (1980) Abba
6. Crazy (1961) Willie Nelson
7. Highway To Hell (1979) AC/DC
8. A Perfect Day (1972) Lou Reed
9. Stand by Your Man (1968) Tammy Wynette
10. Please Don’t Kiss Me (1947) Rita Hayworth in The Lady from Shanghai
11. Moon River (1961) Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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