Bossa N Stones – Vinyl LP


Bossa N Stones – Vinyl LP


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Bossa N Stones – Vinyl LP
Bossa N’ Stones – The Electro-Bossa Songbook Of The Rolling Stones

10 Μοναδικές διασκευές των Rolling Stones σε Smooth Jazz, Bossanova, Chill out και Lounge μουσικής, που φτιάχνουν τη διάθεση και ταξιδεύουν το μυαλό….
Σε πολλές περιπτώσεις οι διασκευές είναι καλύτερες από τα αυθεντικά τραγούδια….
Αφεθείτε στην μαγεία της μουσικής….

Always searching for new creative and artistic proposals, Music Brokers / PMB gathered a group of musicians and producers from all over the world who accepted the challenge: blend the music of the Rolling Stones with the spirit of bossa nova and contemporary electronics.
This way, one of the richest and most popular songbooks of rock takes a subtlety and elegance that marked a milestone in the music of the XXI century.
Located in a perfect location between the tradition of bossa nova and chill out, “Bossa n’Stones” is an album that has set trends!

Redemption Song – Amazonics
No Woman, No Cry – Urban Love Feat Astrud C & Moana
Buffalo Soldier – Freedom Dub
I Shot The Sheriff – Sao Vicente Feat Marlene
Get Up Stand Up – Sawa

Sun Is Shining – Trippynova
Could You Be Loved – Banda Do Sul Feat Sawa
Is This Love – Groove Da Praia
Stir It Up – Michelle Simonal
Waiting In Vain – Ituana

* Released: 2016 

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