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Beatles ‎- Live At The BBC Vol.1 – Vinyl 3LP 180gr



Beatles ‎- Live At The BBC Vol.1 – Vinyl 3LP 180gr


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Beatles ‎- Live At The BBC Vol.1 – Vinyl 3LP 180gr in Gatefold sleeve Remastered


LP 1:
Side A:

A1. Beatle Greetings (Speech)  0:14
A2. From Us To You  0:27
A3. Riding On A Bus (Speech)  0:54
A4. I Got A Woman  2:48
A5. Too Much Monkey Business  2:06
A6. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby  2:30
A7. I’ll Be On My Way  1:58
A8. Young Blood  1:57
A9. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues  2:15
A10. Sure To Fall (In Love With You)  2:08
A11. Some Other Guy  2:01
A12. Thank You Girl  2:02

Side B:
B1. Sha La La La La! (Speech)  0:28
B2. Baby It’s You  2:44
B3. That’s All Right (Mama)  2:54
B4. Carol  2:35
B5. What Is It, George (Speech)
B6. Soldier Of Love  2:00
B7. A Little Rhyme (Speech)  0:26
B8. Clarabella  2:39
B9. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)  2:01
B10. Crying, Waiting, Hoping  2:09
B11. Dear Wack! (Speech)  0:42
B12. You Really Got A Hold On Me  2:38

LP 2:
Side A:
C1. To Know Her Is To Love Her  2:49
C2. Taste Of Honey  1:58
C3. Long Tall Sally  1:53
C4. I Saw Her Standing There  2:32
C5. The Honeymoon Song  1:39
C6. Johnny B Goode  2:51
C7. Memphis, Tennessee  2:13
C8. Lucille  1:49
C9. Can’t Buy Me Love  2:06
C10. From Fluff To You (Speech)  0:28
C11. Till There Was You  2:13

Side B:
D1. Crinsk Dee Night (Speech)  1:05
D2. A Hard Day’s Night   2:24
D3. Ringo? Yep! (Speech)  0:22
D4. I Wanna Be Your Man  2:09
D5. Just A Rumour (Speech)  0:20
D6. Roll Over Beethoven  2:16
D7. All My Loving  2:04
D8. Things We Said Today  2:18
D9. She’s A Woman  3:15
D10. Sweet Little Sixteen  2:21
D11. 1822! (Speech)  0:10
D12. Lonesome Tears In My Eyes  2:36

LP 3:
Side A:
E1. Nothin’ Shakin’  2:59
E2. The Hippy Hippy Shake  1:49
E3. Glad All Over  1:52
E4.  I Just Don’t Understand  2:47
E5. So How Come  1:54
E6. I Feel Fine  2:13
E7. I’m A Loser  2:33
E8. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby  2:21
E9. Rock And Roll Music  2:01
E10. Ticket To Ride  2:56

Side B:
F1. Dizzy Miss Lizzy  2:42
F2. Kansas City / Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!  2:37
F3. Set Fire To That Lot! (Speech)  0:28
F4. Matchbox  1:57
F5. I Forgot To Remember To Forget  2:09
F6. Love These Goon Shows! (Speech)  0:27
F7. I Got To Find My Baby  1:56
F8. Ooh! My Soul  1:37
F9. Ooh! My Arms (Speech)  0:35
F10. Don’t Ever Change
F11. Slow Down  2:36
F12. Honey Don’t  2:11
F13. Love Me Do  2:30
F14. From Us To You (Closing)

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