Armstrong, Louis – Vocal Duets – Vinyl LP 180gr DMM


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Armstrong, Louis – Vocal Duets – Vinyl LP 180gr DMM


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Armstrong, Louis – Vocal Duets – Vinyl LP 180gr DMM
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald – Frank Sinatra – Billie Holiday – Bing Crosby – Velma Middleton – Danny Kaye – Louis Jordan:
Vocal Duets – Vinyl LP 180gr DMM

The main ingredient to a good duet is that of mutual respect, professional admiration, even love, which often shines through a particular performance, and the pairings of Louis Armstrong with Bing Crosby on the relaxed “Gone Fishing”, or with Velma Middleton on “Honeysuckle Rose” or with “The Voice” Frank Sinatra on “Ad-Lib Blues”, or Ella Fitzgerald on “Summertime”, the great Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong significantly being the common denominator in each duo. Also included are two rare duets with Billie Holiday on “My Sweet Hunk O’ Trash” and “You Can’t Lose A Broken Heart,” while Armstrong and bandleader Louis Jordan perform an entertaining version of the classic “You Rascal You”.

Side A:
1. Louis Armstrong & Billie Holiday – My Sweet Hunk O’ Trash
2. Louis Armstrong & Bing Crosby – Gone Fishin’
3. Louis Armstrong & Velma Middleton – Honeysuckle Rose
4. Louis Armstrong & Frank Sinatra – Lonesome Man Blues
5. Louis Armstrong & Danny Kaye – The Five Pennies Saints
6. Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald – Summertime
7. Louis Armstrong & Louis Jordan – You Rascal You
8. Louis Armstrong & Billie Holiday – You Can’t Lose A Broken Heart
Side B:
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald – Cheek To Cheek
Louis Armstrong & Velma Middleton – Big Butter And Egg Man
Louis Armstrong & Bing Crosby – Dardanella
Louis Armstrong & Louis Jordan – Life Is So Peculiar
Louis Armstrong & Billie Holiday – Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?
Louis Armstrong & Frank Sinatra – The Birth Of The Blues
Louis Armstrong & Bing Crosby – Let’s Sing Like A Dixieland Band
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald – Dream A Little Dream Of Me

• 180gr Vinyl • Direct Metal Master • Original Studio and live Recordings – Remastered

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