How to set up a Turntable?

Adjusting the tone arm balance

For cartridges with removable stylus covers, remove the stylus cover (Photo 1).


Push down the lifter lever (Photo 2).

1.Set the ANTI-SKATING dial to “0” (Photo 3).

Turntable -
2.Keep the tone arm from the arm rest and adjust the balance so it is horizontal.
Turn the balance weight until the tone arm becomes almost horizontal.
When moving the tone arm, make sure that the stylus tip does not directly touch the turntable and the like (Photo 4).


Adjusting the stylus pressure

1.Return the tone arm to the arm rest.
2.Match the “0” on the stylus pressure adjustment ring to the center line of the arm rear shaft.
While using your finger to hold the balance weight to keep it from moving, turn only the stylus pressure adjustment ring so that the number “0” comes to the black center line of the tone arm rear shaft (Photo 5).

Turntable tonearm level - -

3.Adjust the stylus pressure.
Turn the balance weight to adjust to the appropriate stylus pressure value for your cartridge.
When turning the balance weight, the stylus pressure adjustment ring turns together.
While observing the adjustment ring, adjust the stylus pressure to the appropriate value.
The appropriate stylus pressure for the included cartridge is 2.0 grams = Set to “2.0” (Photo 6).

Adjusting anti-skating…

This adjustment is made to prevent stylus jumping.
1.Match to the same scale position as the stylus pressure value.
2.Turn the ANTI-SKATING dial to match the reference mark to the same value as the cartridge stylus pressure value (Photo 7).
stylus grams & anti-skating


Good listening!!!…