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Chart Toppers – Music Book

Chart Toppers – The Great Performers of Popular Music Over the Last 50 Years
Chart Toppers is a chronological survey of the most important popular music genres since the 1960s.
The authors highlight the key solo musicians and groups, explore how their careers developed, survey their hit songs, reveal where they are now and show their influence on today’s music.
In 12 sections the eras and genres cover :

  • 60s pop, from Bill Haley to the Beatles
  • 70s pop
  • 80s pop
  • 90s pop, from boy bands and girl groups to the revival of guitar bands
  • Blues, from Muddy Waters to Howlin’ Wolf
  • Heavy metal, from Led Zeppelin to Guns ‘N’ Roses
  • Jazz
  • Reggae
  • Rock ‘n’ roll
  • Rock and rap
  • Soul, the civil rights movement and social issues of the day
  • World music.

    The book is illustrated with extensive color photos and CD graphics from notable recordings, and it is jam packed with great information in abundant sidebars.
    Each section also includes a two-page “gazetteer” of many other examples of the genre or era.
    Chart Toppers is a lively presentation perfect for browsing and also provides valuable historical and anecdotal information for serious readers
    Author: Bob Brunning
    Hardcover:  344 pages
    Language:  English