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1.000 Music Graphics – Music Book



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1.000 Music Graphics – Music Book
1.000 Music Graphics – A compilation of packaging – posters and other sound solutions (1000 Series)
This book will offer designers a vast collection of inspiring and innovative graphic works from the world of music. The main emphasis will be on music graphics including album/CD covers and inside spreads, packaging, posters, and other sales materials from the past decade.
Music makes the world go ’round, and great album designs generate sales for the record companies that back the artists. By showing diverse album graphics from the last decade, designers get a glimpse into what makes or breaks album sales and just how risky the content can be before it goes too far.
Many designers hope to break into the music business by way of design, and this collection will offer insight and inspiration for those venturing in. This book will be a compendium of all types of graphically appealing album art, covering all kinds of music and music developers.

Author:Stoltze Design
Paperback: 320 pages
Language: English